Is Garcinia Cambogia a scam

Is Garcinia Cambogia a Scam? We will Tell You the Truth

Despite having such a rare name, Garcinia Cambogia is a natural and wild plant that grows in Asia. In those regions it has been consumed for thousands of years, but very recently it came to the West. The most important part of this plant is its fruit, which has the property to help in quick and effective weight loss. In addition, it helps to take care of the health of the body and improve the mood. What is Garcinia Cambogia?-It is the healthiest and most effective way to burn fat. Anyway, before so much marketing, it is worth asking Is Garcinia Cambogia a scam?Garcinia Cambogia

The Garcinia Cambogia plant

Garcinia Cambogia is a small, sweet, exotic fruit native to South India and Southeast Asia. This plant has gained a lot of attention in recent times as popular natural weight loss aid. The reason is that the bark of this pumpkin as the fruit is rich in a substance called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an extract of Garcinia Cambogia.

The plant of Garcinia Cambogia is a moderate size, it is an evergreen tree and the flowers are unisexual, sessile and axillary. The leaves are dark green, shiny, elliptic to obovate. The Garcinia Cambogia fruit has traditionally been used in food preparation and cooking as it has a distinctive flavor.

This plant has gained a lot of attention in recent times as a popular natural weight loss aid. But as there are many hoaxes around other products, it is logical to ask “Is Garcinia Cambogia a scam?” The reason is that the bark of this pumpkin as the fruit is rich in a substance called hydroxycitric acid. And sometimes, this is not used at the level of sufficient concentration. This is why it is recommended to consume the highest quality tablets.

Is Garcinia Cambogia a scam?

This plant has been considered to make food more plentiful and satisfying. Garcinia Cambogia is able to decrease activity and increase the defense of the mucosa in the gastric areas, thus justifying its use as an anti-ulcer agent. This fruit contains no addictive component and can be taken without fear of addiction for prolonged periods of time.

Garcinia also contains significant amounts of vitamin C and has been used as a heart tonic. When taken over a period of time, it has the ability to decrease fat production and help the body to metabolize more efficiently. It also fills glycogen stores in the liver and other tissues, which reduces appetite while increasing energy levels.

Garcinia Cambogia reduces the protection of triglycerides and cholesterol and can also increase thermogenesis, burning calories. Hydroxycitric acid is obtained from the fruit peels. This type of acid is very effective for burning fats and inhibiting the formation of new adipose tissue.

So, back to the question… Is Garcinia Cambogia a scam? The answer is a no. The experience of many users gives an account of its good results. However, it does not make a miracle of itself. It should mediate a good diet and regular exercise. It is also vital to buy the tablets that have at least 50% concentration of hydroxycitric acid, checked by official medical institution.

CBD products for anxiety

CBD Products for Anxiety… How does it work?

Currently Pure CBD and Cannabidol are known as the best CBD products for anxiety on the market. Find out more in this article.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear that can vary from mild to severe. We all have experienced it in our lives, but some people are constantly battling with this feeling.CBD products

Anxiety can be a main symptom of several conditions such as:

  • Panic Disorder
  • Phobias
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

People who suffer from this disease feel nervous when are put in different situations. Sometimes they cannot remember the last time when they were relaxed and this is why they decide to take CBD products for anxiety.

What causes Anxiety?

Doctors couldn’t find the exact cause of this disease, but there are a lot of factors that when combined together, cause anxiety. Some of these causes are the following:

  • Overactivity in areas that are involved with emotions and behavior.
  • Imbalance of the brain chemicals (serotonin and noradrenaline) which control and regulate the mood.
  • Genes are a strong factor. If you have someone in the family who suffers from anxiety, it is likely that you will inherit it too.
  • Having a history of stressful events and traumatic experiences like domestic violence or childhood abuse / bullying.
  • Having a painful long-term health condition.
  • High alcohol or drug use.

How anxiety can be treated?

There are a lot of techniques or CBD products for anxiety that doctors recommend for people with this problem. They either prescribe psychological therapy or give you medication such as antidepressants.

If you are not a fan of pills or serums, you can try other natural techniques such as: walking and exercising. You should decrease the amount of caffeine, drinks and cigarettes and you can think about rolling in some course which will allow you to talk to other people with similar problems.

CBD for anxiety

Cannabidiol or also known as CBD Oil keeps number of medical conditions in check. Most people have heard of THC which can get you high and also give you feelings of paranoia or anxiety, but CDB is not like THC.

Cannabidiol is considered as a non-psychoactive and a lot of research has shown that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory, antiepileptic and neuroprotective qualities. Although marijuana is illegal in most of the countries, CBD does not have the same effect.

Although Cannabidiol shares its roots with the cannabis plant, this does not mean that it has the same effects like the marijuana. CBD and THC are the two major chemicals that this plant contains. When CBD is extracted from the plant, it brings many healing properties without side effects. This makes CBD completely legal. It can be used in different CBD products for anxiety.

How can anxiety be reduced with CBD?

Over the past few years, scientists have worked hard in order to prove how CBD products for anxiety work on people. They have previously tested it on mice, but as we are not similar with this animal, a lot of people suffering from numerous diseases have voluntarily agreed to take Cannabidiol and experience its effects.

CBD exerts several actions in the brain. Doctors explain that this would be effective in treating anxiety. When brain cells transmit serotonin signals, they reduce anxiety and boost the mood instead.


Here are some different doses according to several diseases.

  • To increase appetite in cancer patients – 2.5 milligrams – 6 weeks
  • To treat epilepsy-200-300 milligrams daily – 5 months
  • To treat sleep disorders -40-160 milligrams daily
  • To treat schizophrenia – 40-1.280 milligrams daily – 4 weeks


Before taking any CBD products for anxiety, make sure you pay a visit to your doctor or a certificated person that knows everything about the medical marijuana. But if you do try to take some on your own, make sure you reach for Pure CBD or Cannabidiol, which are known for their efficiency.

Weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercises: Leg Training Routine

If you love physical training, this article is for you. We bring you 5 exercises to lose weight with special routine for legs.  Physical training is an activity that anyone who wants to lose weight or not, should have into account. Whether it’s keeping you fit or burning fats, weight loss exercises are a healthy way to stay active.

The human body needs to exercise certain zones more than others, and when planning a training routine, one day is usually assigned to each part in particular. So, for example we will dedicate one day to train arms, other than legs, back, etc.

However, each routine may vary depending on our purpose. That is, if we seek to increase muscle mass or increase muscle mass, we will do a certain type of exercise. On the contrary, if we seek to reduce measures and lose a few extra pounds, we will focus on weight loss exercises.

That said, we present an exclusive routine to strengthen your legs in a short time and tone the muscles. The main focus is on the quadriceps and calves.

weight loss exercises for beginners

Slimming Exercise Routine

  • Squats with free bar: At a height that is around 90 °, we must perform 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.
  • Front squats with legs together: You can use a machine to make them or in a chair. They should alternate with jumps. There are 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Leg extension: Hold the same position for 2 seconds. This will help deepen the muscle cuts. They are done in 4 sets of 10, 12, 15 and 20 repetitions. At first they are made with enough weight, and then gradually decreasing the load.
  • Bank Shears: The routine is 3 sets of 20 reps per leg. The weight is 8 pounds in each hand. It is a tiring but effective exercise.
  • Machine calves: Work with 3 sets of 10, 15, 20 and 25 repetitions. Seated in the machine, we alternate with calves in press.

Final Recommendations

With these weight loss exercises, specifically leg routine, you will strengthen in a short time this area. This training is designed to be run maximum 3 times per week. However, if you are just starting to go to the gym, it is best to start light and wait two days to repeat this routine.

If you notice that your legs are too exhausted after the exercises, try to relax them with a cold shower in order to strain the muscles. Also, you are likely to have cramps during or after training, as it is a strong routine.

If this happens during training, stop immediately and rest. If you think you can resume, continue the task. Now, if the cramps occur after training, it means that you overloaded the muscle with work and this is why it is tense.

Continue the following days with less weight until your body gets accustomed to the strong pace of work.

Susan Boyle’s weight loss

Do You Know What Made Susan Boyle’s Weight Loss Possible?

The winner of “Britain’s Got Talent” – Susan Boyle, has surprised the world with remarkable weight loss. The media has speculated about the method that this singer used, but in reality it is simpler than it seems. If you want to know what made Susan Boyle weight loss possible, keep reading this article.

When you look for a way how to reduce weight, you can easily resort to a diet. The pr
oblem with diets is that they are usually very strict and involve having too much control over what we eat. You can lose weight without the need to follow a step-by-step diet. It is important to know some questions to stimulate the body to burn fat. You also need to know what foods to avoid and at what time of the day you need to eat them.Susan Boyle weight loss

Breakfast at Susan Boyle Weight Loss

There are different theories as to why it is so important to eat well at breakfast. Some experts say that skipping breakfast causes the body to slow down its metabolism and prevents burning of calories. Others say that if nothing is eaten all night, the next day the blood sugar decreases and this generates potent cravings. Either way, numerous studies have found that eating breakfast keeps you slimmer.

Therefore, it is known that a nutritionist recommended this singer to have a healthy breakfast. In Susan Boyle weight loss, fruits, cereals, and whole-grain bread abounded. This made this star to control better her tendency to overeat during the day.

Filling your body with sugary cereals or other refined carbohydrates or juice will cause your blood sugar to soar and then fall very quickly, making you nervous, irritable and anxious again late in the morning. Instead, it is best to consume lean protein at breakfast. The best sources are egg whites (boiled hard, or in an omelet with vegetables) or low-sugar yogurt. Another way to maintain appetite control is by taking some supplement like Phen 375. This is all natural and helps in removing fat from the body.

Foods That Stimulate Weight Loss

The key to getting how to lose weight is to eat lean protein. At breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, lean protein will keep your blood sugar stabilized and your appetite under control. There are many diets that allow you to eat as much as you want, as long as it is not red or fatty meat. Chicken, turkey, fish and tofu are all healthy sources of protein. They can be prepared with different seasonings to give them more flavors. This was also vital in Susan Boyle weight loss.

Vegetables can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities during the course of the day. As long as you stick to green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc., and bright colors like peppers and tomatoes, ideally five servings of vegetables in the day. You also have to let them take up most of the space on your plate. Note that potatoes do not fall into this category.

Eat fats and carbohydrates in moderation. Debates continue to wreak havoc on these two food groups. But it never made sense that people can eat pasta without limit or cheese without limit and wait to lose weight. The human body needs some fat for its function. The best forms are monounsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds and olive oil. Consume few amounts of butter, cheese, fried foods and whole milk products if you want to lose weight. The human body also needs complex carbohydrates found in green vegetables and whole grains.

Now you know what made Susan Boyle weight loss possible. It is not something particular or out of the ordinary. It’s something you can do too.