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Does Green Coffee Really Help you Lose Weight?

Green coffee, in the form of capsules, comes on the market as another promise to lose weight. Green coffee Indonesia is nothing more than the one that did not undergo the process of roasting – it is in this stage that the drink gains pleasant aroma and flavor, suitable for the tasting. The extract of the fruit in nature form, therefore, does not taste very well. Green coffee Indonesia is consumed only in the form of capsules.

There are other differences in comparison to black coffee. For example: it has a slightly higher dose of caffeine and higher concentration of chlorogenic acid, which is lost during the roasting process. According to some experts, this is the substance responsible for weight loss.

According to a study by the University of Scranton in the United States last year, when consuming three 400 milligrams capsules every day – 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner – reduces weight by up to 10% of the body in about two months. That is, in theory, a woman of 60 kilos could lose up to 6 kilos in 60 days thanks to the ingestion of the green coffee capsules.

Action in the system

Chlorogenic acid prevents the body from using the sugar from food ingested as a source of energy. Thus, the body is forced to withdraw this energy from the fat store itself. In practice, it means that in addition to avoiding the accumulation of localized fat, the substance helps regulate blood glucose levels – which is why green coffee has been recommended for diabetic patients to assist in the treatment of the disease.

There are also reports of its benefits on mood improvement, which would make green coffee a possible ally in the fight against depression. However, this is not yet proven. Although the amount of black coffee is only slightly higher, the thermogenic action of this substance is important because it stimulates the metabolism.

We must remember that the capsules alone do not work miracles. They can potentiate the diet, speeding up the results, but they only make sense as a co-adjuvant of a healthy routine that includes exercise and balanced eating.
Although it is natural and does not require medical advice, continuous consumption can aggravate cases of hypertension, ulcer, gastritis, and insomnia – so check with your doctor or nutritionist if there is any symptom troubling you.

What is green coffee chlorogenic acid?

Chlorogenic Acid is a phytochemical found in high concentrations in coffee beans, before the roasting process. It is easily absorbed by the body and is responsible for many of the benefits associated with Green Coffee consumption. The mechanisms by which Chlorogenic Acid can affect body weight in people are not yet well established, however, there are several studies being done on this substance.

Chlorogenic acid has the ability to prevent the absorption of sugar naturally present in food. Thus, your body is forced to seek the energy it needs in its reserves and speeds up the whole process of burning accumulated fats.

The benefits of Green Coffee consumption are linked to the presence of Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine in its composition. Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine are the main substances present in the Green Coffee and can help your body lose excess weight.

Manfaat green coffee: Main benefits of green coffee:

  • Thermogenic: promotes the attainment of a healthy body, accelerating the metabolism and burning calories. Prevents and fights diabetes: Inhibits the enzyme responsible for the release of sugars from the liver into the bloodstream and reduces the absorption of glucose.
  • Vigor and energy: green coffee is rich in caffeine; it will improve your mood and concentration thanks to its stimulating properties.
  • Vitamin B6: Helps reduce and combat cellulite, improving the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Choline: vitamin B complex that has beneficial effect on memory and acts in a positive way on the maintenance of muscle fibers.
  • Chromium: helps in the control of good mood and compulsion for sweets and carbohydrates and avoids the symptoms of premenstrual tension.
  • Folic Acid: strengthens the body’s immunity and when in conjunction with vitamin B6 has protective effect to the cardiac system.

To get the full benefits of Green Coffee Beans you must access the official site and place your order. They are not available at drug stores or pharmacies. This is to protect the integrity of the product and make sure you are getting the original Green Coffee Beans.

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